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I take great privilege and pleasure in welcoming you to VCOM INFOTECH

The entire Human Race are marching towards one single goal post called SUCCESS. The difference is the path we choose to reach that point.

In simple terms success means being able to think and perform effortlessly within a specified period of time.

Since the invention of computers, it has taken this long to identify a path breaking possibility of saving time or in other words maximising time utilisation through a platform called E-COMMERCE.

E-commerce has and will completely change the way of BUYING & SELLING of products or services or even ideas.

Advantages are TIME, EFFORT, COST, VISIBILITY, REACH AND CONVENIENCE, which are essentially the conclusive ingredients of successful execution.

Statistically in a country like India where approximately 300 million people access internet directly or indirectly, the business in rupee terms is expected to be 80,000 crores (app. 12 to 14 billion USD) before the year 2016. Imagining the volume if 1000 million people trade the figures will be staggering.

E-Commerce does not have a boundary in any terms or form and is applicable to all kinds of products and services irrespective of the VALUE.

I once again welcome you all to this great possibility to EMBRACE E-COMMERCE with VCOM and create great opportunities.

Wishing you all success.

Mohan Gandhi. M


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