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Home Utility

1. Showcase the Offered Products : The offered products could be shown in the front page to view current offers available. This feature makes the customer aware of the offers and make them purchase the product.

2. Combo Products : This feature showcases two or more similar or related products accompanied to buy with the offered price compared to single product purchase.

3. Including the Bulk Orders : We offer the customers to buy bulk products in the single payment flow.


1. Quick Cart : A single click adds the product to the cart and makes the purchase easy.

2. Hot products : Recently uploaded products with best price are listed under Hot products column.

3. Bulk order Enquiries : Customers can enquire on bulk products addressing the pricing, availablity and other specifications.

4. Multiple categories : Multiple level categories helps the customer to have easy navigation on the online store.

TOR India

1. Advanced search option : Products can be rooted down with the detailed specifications of the products on the Advanced Search tool.

2. Product Availability : Product Availability marks the In-Stock or Out-Of-stock mode of every products.

3. Pre-order and Bulk Order : Pre-order provides the customers to order their products priorly as a booking. The products can also be bulk ordered.

4. Discount Coupons : Discount coupons are the spot light for products. Coupons for Seasonal and occasion products can be provided to the customers either by emailing or by messaging the code.

5. List and Grid View : We have option of viewing the products in the list and grid by the convenient of our customers.

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